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t.I will spend some time elaborating each of these sets of requirements, but it may be 
useful to keep two general themes in mind. First, the Executive Order calls for public participation. Before rules are finalized, or even proposed, agencies are directed to “seek the 
views of those who are likely to be affected, including those who are likely to benefit from and 
those who are potentially subject to such rulemaking.” Second, the Executive Order calls for 
careful analysis of the likely consequences of regulation, including consideration of alternatives, 
of costs and benefits, and of simplified, coordinated, and flexible methods for achieving 
regulatory goals. 
It is important to see that the goals of public participation and careful analysis are 
mutually reinforcing. Participation in rulemaking (which can, and does, include those outside the 
United States) can promote careful analysis, and careful analysis can facilitate public 
participation. And those goals are related in turn to the general effort to promote predictability 
and certainty, in the process eliminating unnecessary or unjustified burdens on the private sector, 
and thus promoting economic growth. 

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